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  2003 Budget - National Insurance Contributions

For employees' NIC, see Employee Taxation.

Self-employed people pay:

  • weekly Class 2 contribution of £2, unless they claim exception for small earnings (below £4,095).
  • Class 4 NIC at 8% of taxable profits between £4,615 and £30,940. Profits over £30,940 will be charged at 1%. This is assessed and paid with the self-assessment income tax on profits.
Class 3 voluntary NIC may be paid at £6.95 per week by someone who is not in work but who wishes to maintain state pension rights.

Annual limits

Someone who is both employed and self-employed will pay Class 1, Class 2 and Class 4 NIC. It is possible to apply for deferment of Class 4, and sometimes Class 2 as well, so that the Class 1 paid on earnings can be taken into account. Class 4 will then be charged at only 1%, and the overall liability will be settled at a later date.