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  2018 Budget - Corporation Tax


From 1.4.2018 1.4.2017
Corporation Tax rate 19% 19%


  1. Most companies must pay their Corporation Tax nine months and a day after the end of the accounting period.
  2. Large companies or groups generally make four quarterly payments on account of Corporation Tax, starting in the seventh month after the start of a 12-month accounting period. The payment is made on the 14th day of the relevant month, with interest running on any balance due until final settlement of the period’s liability.
  3. All companies must file Corporation Tax returns online 12 months after the end of the accounting period.

Research and Development

Effective from 1.4.2018 1.4.2017
SME enhanced deduction 130% 130%
Large company above the line credit (RDEC) 12% 11%


  1. The above enhanced deductions are for qualifying revenue expenditure on qualifying R&D projects; various conditions apply to both terms.
  2. Where an SME makes a loss it can surrender that loss for payable tax credit worth 14.5% of the loss.
  3. RDEC is a taxable expenditure credit for qualifying R&D.

Special reliefs

Area Relief
Intangible assets: goodwill, know-how and patent rights Deduction given according to depreciation in the accounts, unless the circumstances in Note 1 below apply.
Patent income 10% rate of CT.
Creative industries producing: films, high-end or children's TV programmes, video games or theatre productions Enhanced deductions for certain expenditure and losses surrendered for payable tax credits.


  1. No deduction available for any goodwill acquired from 87.2015 and to goodwill on incorporation from 3.12.2014.
  2. The above is a brief summary of selected reliefs available to companies; other conditions apply in each case.